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Size 160mm or 150mm is for younger baby. We are experienced to make high quality rubber bracelet for baby. The material we use is food standard high quality silicone rubber, it is harmless to human. If the baby put it into mouth, it is safe. The normal logo style for bracelet is printed, colorfilled and embossed printed. It must be cute for children if we make the bracelet figured. It can be watch, heart, star, moon etc on the figured part. We have special designs beside solid one. Like rainbow segment, camouflage swirl, glowing, UV transfer, dual layer and anti mosquito. Children love our bracelet. Using coupon SAVE10, we offer 10% dicount for the total price. Besides, order less than 100pcs, get 50pcs free and 5pcs keychains free. Order 100pcs or more, get 100pcs free and 10pcs keychains free. All the free wristbands and keychains are same design of the one you order.  

acelet. It is awareness bracelet also. When you see the bracelet, it will remind you of what need to be always think of. In honour of the person who pass away, usually people will customize memorial bracelet. This bracelet is usually colored in black and printed with the name of the person and a ribbon. Also for good things, we made a couple of bracelets for wedding ceremony. Guest present their best wish to the happy couple wearing the pink bracelet printed with couple name and wedding date. Other wish bracelets are for the the event like graduation, historical events and so on. We can make it in different colors and logo styles. Using coupon SAVE10, we offer 10% dicount for the total price. Besides, order less than 100pcs, get 50pcs free and 5pcs keychains free. Order 100pcs or more, get 100pcs free and 10pcs keychains free. All the free wristbands and keychains are same design of the one you order.  

id color looks brief and clear. There will be only one color of the solid bracelet. Different color is for different meaning. White represents making poverty history. Yellow represents living strong to fight against cancer and so on. It is awesome to wear two or more solid bracelet on one wrist of different colors which shows individuality. Swirled colors is more than one color, you can put two to four colors swirled in the bracelet. The colors looks like some coatings mixed half way, some stripe and smoke of color inside. The most outstanding swirled is a camouflage bracelet which usually colored of black, 463c, 574c and 459c. It is especially suitable for outdoor activities. A segmented bracelet gets regular color segment from one to another, they are next to each other. We can make mostly 7 colors in a segment bracelet, the tipical rainbow wristband has yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple, red and green in it. Glowing wristband will glow in dark after absorbing light come from sunshine or lamps. Why it glows ? The reason is the glowing power which is made from some special rare earth. It absorbs, store and release light energy so it does. It glows green, blue or red yet the wristband color will not be same as glowing. The wrcustom silicone wristbands ukistband color of glowing can be normally white, green, blue, red, yellow, pink and purple, but it must be light enough otherwise glowing will be hard to release. The glowing usually last 3 hours and gradually weaken. But it is not the end. It recovers when absorbing light energy again. So it is recyclable.     wholesale-personalized-braceletspersonalized-pet-bracelet

General size (adult): 8 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or (202MM x 12MM x 2MM) Women"s size (adult): 7.5 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or 190 MM x 12MM x 2MM) General size (custom silicone wristbands ukchildren): 7 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or (180MM x 12MM x 2MM) 61/2 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or (165MM x 12MM x 2MM) The maximum screen printed and engraving area for adults is 7.677"X 0.334" The maximum area of screen printing and engraving for children is 7.00"X 0.334" As for width, commonly used are: 1/4 "or 6MM 1/2 "or 12MM 3/5 "or 15MM 3/4 "or 19MM 1 "or 25MM             bracelet-silicone-personnalise-montrealembossed-wristbands

thin blue line silicone bracelet

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