West"s black hands stir HK turcool silicone braceletsmoil: China Daily editorial

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Rioters set fire at the entrance of an MTR station in Hong Kong on Oct 1, 2019. [Photo/Xinhua]

If the violent acts perpetrated by some radical protesters in Hong Kong happened in any of the Western countries condoning them, the protests would have been instantly condemned and squashed.

Instead Western politicians and media with an anti-China agenda are conniving with the perpetrators by trying to blur the lines between those for whom freedom of expression is simply the undermining of law and order and those who have taken to the streets peacefully for a multitude of reasons.

It is because Western politicians and media are so eagerly willing to portray their acts in a false light that some in Hong Kong have been emboldened to violate the law with ever more egregious acts of violence. And it is the collusion of these forces with anti-China troublemakers in the SAR that has led to the persistence of the violent disturbances in the city.

While the central government has been patient, aware that there are issues that have come to a head and grievances about future livelihoods that need to be aired, it will by no means allow the chaos to continue indefinitely as it is taking a heavy toll on Hong Kong"s rule of law.

Its restraint is out of consideration for the future of Hong Kong and the principle of "one country, two systems" but that does not mean it will allow the city to be held to ransom by those, who in their pursuit of media coverage as testimony to their "suffering", are willing to continually escalate their violence as badge and banner of their rebelliousness.

Simply because it is spectacle does not give the violence validity. Instead, without due cause, the spectacle simply becomes ever more voracious for sensationalism to justify itself. Should the SAR government require assistance from the central government to restore order, then such help will be forthcoming.

Like any society, Hong Kong"s is diverse and people have many different demands. That so many people have been willing to take to the streets shows it is imperative that there is a public channel for people to express their views and make rational appeals. The dialogue platform that the SAR government chief Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has introduced to strengthen communication with all sectors of SAR society will hopefully prove a meaningful trial in the right direction.

What Hong Kong is experiencing is its growing pains as it enters a new era. But with a rising mainland as its steadfast backer, once the city restores calm and stability, it will continue to prosper.

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